Be the Green Change

make 5 changes to mitigate the climate crisis

The student Climate Strike last September helped to hone our attention on the reality that our planet is changing, and we must take immediate steps in our own lives to help fight and reverse the climate crisis.
Join Green Towson Alliance as we pledge to Be the Green Change.


We’re asking you to make five changes in your life – they can be small and simple changes, like packing silverware along with your lunch so that you avoid using throw-away plastic silverware, or giving up plastic bags – or big changes, like swearing off your clothes dryer and installing a laundry line in your yard, or trading in your fossil-fuel guzzling car for an electric or hybrid electric vehicle.

Here is a list of things you can start right away.

Five Easy Changes

Simple actions that won’t be hard to fold into your life. These include picking up plastic trash when you’re walking outside, using a recyclable coffee mug, and adding a plant-based meal to your weekly food plan.

Swear off chemical cleaners

Give up those spray bottles full of cleaning supplies. You’ll be surprised how
simple it is to clean your home naturally!

Thrifting is the ultimate recyclingCheck out local thrift stores instead of online shopping

Think carefully about your habits as a consumer. Try shopping at a local thrift store for the ultimate in recycling.

Give up plastic wrap!
Handmade beeswax wraps

You can buy or make your own food wraps that are every bit as good as plastic wrap.

Update laundry day

Do-over your laundry routine. And no, you don’t have to hang up a huge, old-fashioned laundry line (although you can, if you want to!)

Opt to Act

REI, the outdoor adventure store, has a list of simple changes you can make this year.  The Opt To Act program is s a 52- week long plan of simple changes you can make each week. You can download the plan and read all about it here.

Please join Green Towson Alliance and Make the pledge to Be the Green Change.


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