Beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap

By Phoebe Evans Letocha

This past year, I vowed to try to find ways to reduce my use of single use plastic. I had already switched from plastic baggies to paper snack bags, so as I finished off a role of plastic wrap in December, I searched for a plastic free alternative to wrap my cheese and use to cover leftovers. A quick search on Pinterest led me to Beeswax wraps.

Beeswax wraps are an alternative to plastic wrap. They are made with a piece of cotton fabric, cut to desired size, beeswax, pine resin, and jojoba oil, melted to saturate the cloth. I bake mine on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper in a 300 degree oven. The same method can be used to rejuvenate old ones so you remelt and evenly distribute the wax. The wax repels moisture, the pine resin helps give it a tacky feel, and the jojoba oil has anti-microbial properties. They are great for wrapping cheese, covering bowls, and wrapping baked goods. I don’t use them for anything with meat. Wash with cold water and soapy sponge, and let them air dry.

Handmade beeswax wraps

This is a great way to recycle fabric scraps and add some fun color to your kitchen. Dark fabrics tend to look better than light ones when they take on the yellow tint of the beeswax. The ingredients are easy to find online. If you make them in batches, you can make a variety of sizes for yourself and some to share as gifts with friends and family.

Here is a useful description on how to make them.

For those who are not crafty, Traders Joe’s sells beeswax wraps and bags.

Commercial beeswax wraps available at Trader Joe’s.

You can also find them online at Etsy, Amazon, and other retailers.

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