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Tree planting in TowsonGreen Towson Alliance (GTA) is made up of people from all walks of life who value the natural world around us and want to live in neighborhoods that include green space, clean streams, and canopy trees that shelter the wildlife and insects that keep our communities healthy. We are planners, accountants, physicians, architects, teachers, engineers, landscape architects, publicists, professional organizers, business owners, retirees, at home parents, financiers, fund raisers, and more.

Trees Clean Air Pollution

Fog in trees
Photo by J Brough Schamp

Studies have found that trees clean pollution from the air and produce the oxygen we depend on, soak up gallons of water released in heavy storms and prevent soil erosion, provide habitat for birds and wild animals, cool our homes, protect us from harsh sun, and provide a soothing, healing and relaxing environment.

Join Green Towson Alliance!

There are no dues to pay to join Green Towson Alliance. All you need is a passion to see your neighborhood – and Towson – become green and healthy. Use our contact form  to join Green Towson Alliance. You’ll get your hands dirty planting trees, learn about best pruning practices, and keep your neighborhood streams clean…and meet some very interesting and fun people along the way!