How Dangerous Are Lawn Care Chemicals?

Notice the yellow warning signs placed on a lawn after a professional lawn care treatment. Ask your lawn care provider for a list of all chemicals put on your lawn during the entire year. Look the chemicals up on the Internet searching for effects on children and pets. The commonly used lawn herbicides like 2-4-D … Continue reading “How Dangerous Are Lawn Care Chemicals?”

Mid-Atlantic Native Trees

Canopy Trees American Holly 40-50’ high, 18-40’ spread, Pyramidal shape This evergreen has captivated plant lovers since the days of the Pilgrims with its lovely red berries. It is a slow grower with spiky leaves and creamy grey bark.  It has a low to medium growth rate adding less than 12-24 inches per year.  Full … Continue reading “Mid-Atlantic Native Trees”

Don’t Mulch That Tree! And Other Tips

Shade Trees Help Make Towson A Desirable Neighborhood Trees increase property values, clean air pollution, control water run-off, provide shade which cools the whole neighborhood, and help create a lovely, vibrant community. So why do people hurt trees? Sometimes people are trying to do the right thing but do not know they are actually causing … Continue reading “Don’t Mulch That Tree! And Other Tips”

How to Start a Tree Planting Program

Becoming your neighborhood tree steward can be a very rewarding experience.  Increasing or preserving the tree canopy improves the health and beauty of your community.  If you live in an older community, many of the established trees are nearing the end of their lives.  With a typical 40 years to maturity, now is the time … Continue reading “How to Start a Tree Planting Program”