2020: Continuing Our Work Under COVID-19

In a pandemic, do local streams stop flooding, does trash stop pouring down storm drains, winding up in our local waterways, or do pollutants stop seeping out of pipes to drain downhill?  Do our communities still need trees to soak up that storm water, shade our homes, and filter pollution from the air?  GTA volunteers … Continue reading “2020: Continuing Our Work Under COVID-19”

Towson’s Streams are Lovelier Than Ever in a Pandemic

I have enjoyed getting to know some of our streams, otherwise known as stormwater management channels, this Fall while working with our Green Towson Alliance stream cleanups. We first did the Herring Run branch from Towson High School, under the Aigburth Avenue bridge, northward to Radebaugh Park all the way up to near Burke Avenue. … Continue reading “Towson’s Streams are Lovelier Than Ever in a Pandemic”

Creating a 100-foot Prairie-Inspired Pollinator Garden

By Benjamin Vogt prairie inspired garden design and author of A NEW GARDEN ETHIC Creating a new pollinator garden for your yard can be daunting, especially when you are new to a lot of the design and environmental principles that make up a great garden. It’s a lot to remember, from choosing the wrong plants … Continue reading “Creating a 100-foot Prairie-Inspired Pollinator Garden”

Buying furniture and linens at a Thrift Store

Furniture Thrift stores allot varying amounts of floor space to furniture.  You can usually find nice, often vintage pieces that will meet your needs. (1,2)   If you are looking for a piece of furniture for a specific function/location, be sure to measure that location and then bring a tape measure with you so that you … Continue reading “Buying furniture and linens at a Thrift Store”

Tips on getting near zero-waste orders from Amazon

By Polly Barks Zero waste orders from Amazon: it can (almost) be done. The question is: do we really want to? Not all of us are living Pinterest-worthy zero waste lives here. And not all of us have the ability to source local, high-quality zero waste goods – basically, all of us outside of a … Continue reading “Tips on getting near zero-waste orders from Amazon”

Be the Green Change

make 5 changes to mitigate the climate crisis The student Climate Strike last September helped to hone our attention on the reality that our planet is changing, and we must take immediate steps in our own lives to help fight and reverse the climate crisis. Join Green Towson Alliance as we pledge to Be the … Continue reading “Be the Green Change”

Wash Laundry, Not too Much, Hang to Dry

By Anne-Marie Bonneau (With apologies to Michael Pollan for another riff of his quote, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.”) Why Does She Keep Posting Pictures of Her Underwear? Every several months, I’ll post a picture on Instagram of my laundry drying outside on my drying rack. I hear two basic reactions. Americans: “OMG … Continue reading “Wash Laundry, Not too Much, Hang to Dry”

Buying great shoes and purses at a Thrift Store

Why do women buy lots of purses and shoes? One theory is that, when you “try them on” they never make you look fat. Lucky for you, Thrifter, there’s usually a lot to choose from. Shoes The beauty of thrift store shoes is that they are likely already broken in. However, shoes that show no … Continue reading “Buying great shoes and purses at a Thrift Store”

Climate Crisis: Five More Changes

By Patty Mochel Cutting way back on single-use paper products seemed a no-brainer on my Climate Crisis Consumer Diet. I had used cloth table napkins when I had four kids at home, but as fewer people regularly came to the dinner table, I had inexplicably slipped back into using paper napkins. Last year, when I … Continue reading “Climate Crisis: Five More Changes”

Cleaning your home naturally

One way to take a step back from a closet full of plastic bottles filled with cleaning products that may contain harmful substances is to take a look at time-honored methods of cleaning. Just a few generations ago, people who lived in rural areas, who couldn’t readily run to a store to buy cleaning supplies, … Continue reading “Cleaning your home naturally”