Cleaning your home naturally

One way to take a step back from a closet full of plastic bottles filled with cleaning products that may contain harmful substances is to take a look at time-honored methods of cleaning. Just a few generations ago, people who lived in rural areas, who couldn’t readily run to a store to buy cleaning supplies, depended on using everyday products to clean their home. In fact, some old cookbooks included ‘recipes’ for cleaning solutions.

Now more than ever, it makes sense to step back from those disposable floor cleaning pads and use an old-fashioned mop with a cleaning solution you can mix yourself. Need to scrub out the sink? An all-purpose vinegar solution might do the trick. Vinegar is a very helpful ingredient -our grandmothers regularly used vinegar to wash windows

How about killing germs? Daily wipe-downs of kitchen and bathroom countertops are an important step in clearing away messes that may be inviting to bacteria. When there’s sickness in the house, I do what my friend, a nurse-practitioner does: I pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe off all of the door handles and faucet handles in the house.

Here’s a great article on other products you can make yourself to clean your home.

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