Tips on getting near zero-waste orders from Amazon

By Polly Barks

Zero waste orders from Amazon: it can (almost) be done. The question is: do we really want to?

Not all of us are living Pinterest-worthy zero waste lives here. And not all of us have the ability to source local, high-quality zero waste goods – basically, all of us outside of a select few major metropolitan areas.

While the internet and ethical online shopping has really leveled the playing field, we also can’t all afford to always support brands with high price points.

Trust me – I get it. I started my zero waste journey almost qualifying for food stamps in a food desert without a car so zero waste on a budget is near and dear.

So what happens when you’re ready to replace an old, used item with a zero waste counterpart? What do these factors lead to? Amazon.

I’m going to be real here: Amazon is inherently unethical. If you have the ability to support anything more ethical (AKA just about anywhere else), you have the ethical duty to do so.

If you’re reading this, think very seriously about whether you can’t spend the extra money, or you simply don’t want to. Amazon is not sustainable. Supporting Amazon when you have other options is not sustainable.

So for those who need it and want an Amazon plastic-free packaging experience, here are 5 tips for the best way to get packages zero waste on Amazon:

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