GTA Launches Be the Green Change Campaign

In honor of its 5th anniversary, the Green Towson Alliance (GTA) is launching a Be the Green Change Campaign to encourage people to think green and make changes in their lives to benefit our planet and fight climate change.  The centerpiece of this campaign is a personal pledge to examine our individual impact on the earth and choose to change five behaviors in our lifestyles so we can live a greener life.  Through this volunteer pledge, GTA is asking everyone to be part of the Be the Green Change Campaign and specify the ways they plan to lighten their footprint on the planet and help save our environment.

The Green Towson Alliance, a group of local volunteer environmentalists, is calling on local residents, elected officials, businesses, school students and families to join the Be the Green Change pledge and make five green changes in their lifestyles to help preserve our environment.

Green changes can be as simple as walking or biking to school or work, replacing your light bulbs with LED bulbs, planting native trees in your yard to create habitat, absorb stormwater and clean the air and not using pesticides in your yard including “weed and feed” lawn products.  The online pledge offers an array of green options which can easily be checked off.

Getting involved with Green Towson Alliance is another way to Be the Green Change. GTA hosts activities throughout the year that local residents can participate in as part of their pledge to Be the Green Change.  See GTA’s calendar and Facebook Events for activities such as stream clean-ups, tree pruning, habitat restoration and tree plantings.

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