Buying great shoes and purses at a Thrift Store

Thrifting is the ultimate recyclingWhy do women buy lots of purses and shoes? One theory is that, when you “try them on” they never make you look fat. Lucky for you, Thrifter, there’s usually a lot to choose from.

The beauty of thrift store shoes is that they are likely already broken in. However, shoes that show no wear were likely donated because they’re uncomfortable.  Be sure to walk them around the store before purchasing. The shoes you wear to the store should be easy off/easy on. Also wear or bring the weight of socks you plan to wear with the shoes. Here are some great options found recently in a Towson thrift store.

(1) Ryka Faze training shoes – $6 ($60 in DSW.) (2) Ann Taylor booties ($5.50)  (3) Well, maybe not everyone’s taste…

Four pairs of shoes found at a thrift store(4)  Rarely, you will find tap shoes, jazz//split sole sneakers, ballet slippers, sports cleats. On occasion these may even be for adults.



Lots of pockets/compartments may initially seem like a good idea, backpacks are in style nowbut, unless you are consistent with what you put in each, you’ll likely get frustrated fishing around through each one to find what you need.



(5) Backpacks are also in abundance.

Great buys can be found for canvas luggage of all sizes and in good shape.  Choose a size and compartment configuration that suits your purpose. Check for signs of wear, functioning zippers, retractable handles. Make sure stains can be removed by using a wet wipe.

Pink striped bag will be easy to see in the luggage carousel(6) For luggage you plan to check, consider something like this “obnoxious” pink striped one.  Think how easy it would be to spot on the luggage carousel!

Hard-shell spinner with wheels




(7)   On rare occasions, you might find hardshell/four-wheeled spinner luggage. This one was $15. Check these for cracks, especially near handles.

New to Thrifting?
Here are some tips on shopping at Thrift stores.  Have a special occasion coming up, or looking for that perfect outfit for a holiday? Be sure to check out the local Thrift stores.  And don’t forget that when you are shopping for a gift, you might find something pretty amazing at a Thrift store as well!

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