Thrifting for the Holidays and Special Occasions

You can find very special things for the special times in your life in thrift stores.


Thrift stores have long been a great source for Halloween costumes- Bell bottoms and disco platforms from the 70’s are a great example of used items you might find. Since thrift stores have come to realize that folks who generally don’t shop there do show up this time of year, many have started to stock new costumes, masks, decorations, etc.   (Shop early for the best selection.)


You can find everything you’d look for in a full-price store at a thrift shop, including decorations, dishware, wrapping paper and gift cards.


weddings, proms, and formal occasions

Most stores stock a limited selection of wedding dresses, prom dresses, and other formal wear.

Many of these items have been worn only once.





Plan ahead and shop early – and often … to find the perfect outfit for your special occasion.

And when you’re done…DONATE your items to a thrift shop!






Click here for tips on how to shop at a thrift store.


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