You can find incredible things at a Thrift Store!

If you shop often at your area thrift stores, you will be amazed at the weird & wonderful things you find.  Sometimes you may ask yourself “What is it? What’s it do?  What’s it for?”

Often things end up in the thrift stores not because there is something wrong with them – but  because they are no longer wanted or needed, and they are too big to continue to store at home.

Allow yourself an occasional impulse buy, but at the same time, shop wisely  – Can I really use this? Do I have the space for it?

Here are some examples of the fabulous finds our intrepid shopper has found in thrift stores.

This toy piano and toy crane were in great condition and made a child very happy.
Towson U pompom gloves, Bird duplex, 1950’s juke box, Dachshund planter/ring caddy.
(Above) Penguin ice bucket , electric drum set. (Below) Whirl Ball arcade game, giant teddy bear.

This is a puppy foot massager – perfect for that tween who has everything.





Sky-high platforms.









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