Green Towson Alliance Executive Committee Charter


The mission of the Executive Committee of the Green Towson Alliance shall be to coordinate the activities of the GTA so that they will effectively advance the organization’s overall mission, and to effectively represent the GTA to external individuals, organizations, and the general public.


The Executive Committee shall consider issues in a collaborative manner, reaching decisions by consensus whenever possible, with the understanding that consensus does not mean unanimity, but rather the lack of strong opposition to a course of action favored by a large majority of committee members.  In general, the Executive Committee will always consult with members of a workgroup before making a decision directly affecting that workgroup.  However, when time is short, the Executive Committee may find it necessary to make decisions affecting a workgroup or GTA as a whole without prior consultation.


The GTA Executive Committee shall be made up of a minimum of five GTA members.  When additional members are needed, existing Executive Committee members shall recruit new committee members from GTA membership. An odd number of members is preferred to avoid deadlock when a majority vote becomes necessary.

Current members:

Dr. Carol Newill, Beth Miller, Patty Mochel, John Alexander, Roger Gookin, Ray Heil, Lauren Stranahan.

Executive Committee Tasks:

  1. Workgroups shall be created by GTA members and shall constitute the primary organizational structure of GTA. The Executive Committee shall assist work groups that emerge from the membership in recruiting workgroup members and implementing their programs.  The Executive Committee shall also advise work groups in defining their goals and tasks.
  2. The Executive Committee shall coordinate the activities of the work groups to ensure that those activities effectively further GTA’s overall mission. Workgroup representatives are encouraged to communicate independently with members of the Executive Committee in furthering their goals and organizing their work efforts. Work Group representatives are also welcome to attend Executive Committee meetings, and are asked to provide prior notice so their item(s) can be included on the meeting agenda.
  3. To plan, organize, and facilitate GTA’s general membership meetings.
  4. To formulate internal GTA policies necessary for the effective operations of the organization.
  5. In coordination with the Media Work Group, to represent GTA to county government, the media, and in public gatherings, including interviews, testimony, and meetings. The Executive Committee shall also approve and issue public statements and documents regarding positions taken by the GTA on environmental and government policy issues.
  6. To manage the financial affairs of GTA. GTA is not a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, and generally has handled its financial obligations informally.  If a more formal financial arrangement becomes necessary, the Executive Committee will consider options such as arranging for another nonprofit to act as our fiduciary agent.



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