Green Towson Alliance Announces 2021 Native Garden Contest

The Green Towson Alliance is holding a native garden contest this spring and early summer. Folks who live in a Towson community and consider Towson to be their downtown are welcome to enter the contest. Entries can be a specific garden bed, or an entire yard that includes native trees, shrubs, plants, and grasses.  Community gardens can also be entered in the contest.

Why native plants? Native plants are defined as plants and trees that have been growing in our region since before the European colonization.  Research has found that most insects can only ingest plants that they have co-evolved with for thousands of years. Most butterflies and moths can lay eggs only on specific plants that they have co-evolved with. Caterpillars that hatch from those eggs, and other insects, are vital food for songbirds, especially when they are nesting. Nearly all birds feed insects to their fledglings. No insects, no baby birds!

The Native Garden Contest will celebrate the Towson gardens and yards that support the health of our local ecosystems. More information on the contest and the importance of growing native trees and plants in your yard can be found at

The Green Towson Alliance is a group of Towson area residents who care deeply about our natural world and are working to mitigate the effects of climate change. We have planted hundreds of trees, cleared out tons of trash from local streams, restored woodlands and parks by removing invasive vines that are strangling beautiful mature trees, and continue to advocate for good environmental policy in Baltimore County. This is our sixth year of service to our community and our environment.

The Native Garden Contest was born from the imaginations of members of the GTA Homegrown National Park Workgroup. We are inspired by a national project to restore our ecosystems. The purpose of this contest is to encourage and celebrate Towson gardeners who incorporate native trees, shrubs, and plants in their landscapes. Together, we can do our part to  protect and sustain the natural environment for our children,  grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, and all we love, including the non-human species  who share our communities.
Native Garden Contest

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