JUNE 2020

Due to the coronavirus, all live, in-person events have been cancelled until further notice.

green towson alliance virtual book group discussion

Thursday, June 18 – 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Zoom

“Nature’s Best Hope” is the latest book by the UDel entomologist Doug Tallamy, who was one of the first people to realize that nearly all American insects can digest only American plants that they have co-evolved with for thousands of years. This was an incredibly significant insight because nearly all birds depend on insects – specifically caterpillars – to feed their young. If there are no caterpillars or insects, there will soon be no baby birds in our backyards and neighborhoods, and no baby birds bodes for a very bad future. “Nature’s Best Hope” is extremely thoughtful and full of the history of how Americans conceive of “nature” – that Nature is something that we should enjoy in a park setting, but which we have historically seen as something we must suppress or fight in order to survive. This, of course, is a very old and outdated paradigm, and it’s well past time for a change. Tallamy’s book has specific advice on how to cut back  the lawn and join with our neighbors to create what Tallamy calls a “Homegrown National Park”, a unique approach to rebuilding the natural world on the land we have some control over – our own private properties. If we work with our neighbors and each plant our landscapes to encourage insects, birds, pollinators and wildlife, we have a chance to restore our country’s great woodlands and prairies.

We will email the link to our GTA google group for this discussion. If you don’t belong to our google group, you can  join the discussion by messaging us on our Facebook page.  We will contact you with a link for the meeting.

Let’s Adapt: Local Nonprofits Raising Funds for Families in Need

Tuesday, May 5

Mother and childBefore the COVID-19 pandemic, 119,000 Baltimore County residents (11% of the population) did not have the means to put nutritionally adequate and safe foods on the table and more than 90,000 of them did not qualify for public benefits. Now that over 46,000 people have filed for unemployment in Baltimore County (the highest number of claims in the State), a bad problem has snowballed.

The problem is unprecedented and it requires an unprecedented response. On May 5th, we’re going to put food before our mission and Ask our Donors to Aid Pandemic-relief Today (i.e., ADAPT). To help the campaign NOW, you can: